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As of right now all orders are expected to arrive by Christmas if placed before the 15th of December. 

We are currently in the process of developing the pages for the newly redesigned ratings system so expect them to be back on the site by Feb 1st 2018

We will be updating the site each month with new Camp dates as we secure locations. Some cities we hold camps in are more difficult to lock down a gym in so we will update the official date of each new city as soon as we confirm the time and location. There will be a "Camps" link in the menu when this is finished after the holiday season.

At the moment we are exploring some potential wholesale deals for various travel teams and universities and we will upload a page to the site with a detailed PDF Document of what that pricing structure will look like if you're interested in finding out more. 

Now that we have launched our new clothing line we have multiple WNBA players that will be joining the She Hoops team in early 2018. We will have a page dedicated to each of our sponsored athletes featuring their own signature gear that you can purchase as soon as all contracts are finalized. 

We do our best to watch every single video that is submitted to us but please understand that it may take a while for us to see your submission. We also make sure to curate the best of the best for the video content so that our followers will always find value in what we post. We love watching all of your videos but unfortunately we can't post all of them. Don't be discouraged, keep sending in your highlights and maybe one day it will make the page!

We will release products as inventory is delivered. It may not always be a new product but whenever we launch new colors or new designs of an existing item we will make sure to post it on instagram and on the site when it's available to order.

We only have a limited number of spots available for each city so pricing is based on the amount of campers that can attend. for our 2018 camps you can expect the price to range from $185 - $250 depending on what city you live in.